Janet Boynes is living proof of God’s unrelenting and transformational love. In a day of confusion, I am so thankful that her story is equipping leaders and parents with wisdom and hope. If you are in a position of leadership over people struggling with their sexuality, this book is a must read.

John Bevere
Author / Minister
Messenger International


I believe homosexuality has become the tip of the spear in Satan’s assault today. If we don’t blunt this point of attack, our society won’t last. This is just the beginning. Yet how and what do we do? There is no unified Christian response to this issue and sadly, there hasn’t been much material available on this topic as Christian leaders chose to largely ignore the subject. Janet Boynes book, A Quest for Truth, is an attempt to fill that void.

Janet deals with the subject scripturally and leaves no room for doubt on what the Bible says. Yet she presents these truths in love, having been on both sides of the fence. She includes testimonies from families that have been dealing with family members caught up in this lifestyle for decades and there are also testimonies from those who have been liberated from the LGBT deception.

She lovingly calls Christians to take a stand while not condemning those caught in this trap. There is a lot of practical wisdom on how Christians should respond to those who are being destroyed by this “new morality.”

Many have just accepted the situation as the new “norm” but it doesn’t have to be. The gospel is the most powerful force in the world. We have the truth. We just need to use it. Janet’s book will encourage you and help equip you to make a difference. Individual lives and our society depends on it.

Andrew Wommack
Andrew Wommack Ministries, Author


Janet Boynes is light in the midst of darkness. Her personal narrative reconciles truth with love while her testimony serves as a clarion call for sexual purity in a world of moral relativism and decadence. This book will equip you to build a biblical firewall against an unprecedented assault on God's standards for sex, family and culture.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez
Hispanic Evangelical Association


The very thought of facing homosexuality, whether in the home or in the pulpit, makes many Christians panic. However, this is an ever increasing factor in our society; none of us can run or hide any longer. Knowing what the Word of God says takes away ALL the fear. Janet Boyne's book, "A Quest for Truth" sweetly, kindly, lovingly but authoritatively walks anyone from zero knowledge to equip to reach out with the Love of God. Here is a book which points the way to compassion without compromise—just like Jesus! An easy reading handbook, it is a must for everyone seeking to know the freedom that Truth brings.

– Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons
Eagle Mountain International Church


Janet’s story of redemption is both captivating and inspiring. This book is filled with courage and compassion and will give you a better understanding on how to assist and walk alongside a loved one or friend who is struggling with same-sex attraction. It will also equip pastors and ministry leaders by teaching them how to speak the truth in love. We are living in times were we cannot afford to be oblivious of what is going on around us, because the world needs to hear that Jesus still saves and sets the captives free.

David Benham


I have come to know and trust Janet Boynes’ courageous heart and message that is laid out in this book. She is a strong lighthouse that stands on God’s Word in the midst of a massive hurricane of today’s hot topics of sexuality and gender. The light she sends out is hope and help for individuals and families that struggle in these areas. She’s been there and has a voice that needs to be heard. You will be educated and encouraged by this book and her ministry.

Pastor Rebecca Wilson LCSW, LMFT


This book is a godsend for Christian families whose children have chosen a LGBT lifestyle. It’s a vitally important and informative resource, written with compassion and understanding by people who have traveled this journey and have answers. I couldn’t recommend this book more.

Karen Jensen Salisbury
Minister, Author


I want to commend Janet for being a fore runner for truth. Janet’s personal testimony solidifies that an intimate relationship with Christ leads to transformation, deliverance, and freedom.   Her courage to share her message in a time when the redemptive Grace of God is overshadowed by rhetoric and a need to be politically correct should be applauded.   Janet’s message of compassion without compromise offers insight to the body of Christ to empower us to reach those that need to break free from a homosexual lifestyle.

Lady Gail Johnson
First Lady of Pleasant Hill Church of Deliverance