Presidential Election

This year's presidential election has left many of us feeling hopeless and outraged. After watching the last debate, I could see how those feelings could be heightened even more. We have two candidates who have a record of being deceptive and untrustworthy. From missing classified e-mails to degrading women, where do we turn?

As a woman who has endured both sexual and verbal abuse, I am greatly offended by Trump's comments. They are offensive and repulsive. I will NEVER excuse his behavior; it is inexcusable. But, it is forgivable. I believe he has MUCH to learn and a great amount of deep soul searching to do, but I do accept his apology. Although most of us would NEVER say such shameful things, we all have made comments that if aired today, would make us want to hide under a rock and die. Again, in no shape or form am I excusing his behavior. I have personally seen Trump reach out to many Godly men for counsel, and although that isn't saying much, it is a great start and it gives me hope. Proverbs 12:15 says, "He who seeks counsel is wise." 
It is extremely hard to reconcile choosing a president while honoring my faith in this election. However, as a friend of mine said, "God can do more with a Samson than He can with a Jezebel."

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Fragrant or Pungent???

What type of aroma are you sending forth? How do people react when they come into contact with you or when you walk into a room?

When you spend time at a campfire, the smoke from the campfire permeates you, your clothes, your hair; every part of you. It can last for days and people you are around will notice the smoky smell. For some, it will smell pleasant (at least for a while); for others it will come across as very unpleasant. The point is, folks will know you have been around a campfire.

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The Sucker Punch

Have you ever been sucker punched?

A sucker punch is a devastating blow that comes totally unexpected to the recipient. It leaves them reeling, dazed and confused.

Many parents have experienced the “sucker punch” from their children; not physically, but emotionally. For instance, your child approaches you and asks if they can talk to you about something. The seriousness of their demeanor sends up red flags and you’re suddenly feeling a flock of butterflies stirring in your gut. Then the blow is landed, “Mom and Dad, I think I am gay”. All at once the rug has been pulled out from underneath you. What do you do? What do you say? How do you react? Will your response be giving into the urge to throw a sucker punch back at your child or will you pause, measure your words and look to God for wisdom?

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Remaining Content and Stable in a Troubled World

What happens when you wake up one morning and you discover that your world is completely overwhelming; or maybe skyrocketing out of control?

This feeling or sensation can be linked to what is happening at your work site, in your family, or in friendships you have depended upon for years. It can stem from what is happening at church, with the economy, or in the political arena.  Suddenly, what you had deemed as stable and reliable is no longer so stable. 

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Merry Christmas from Janet Boynes Ministries

Thank you so much for your support and prayers in 2015. We could not have ministered to and helped as many people as we did without you and your partnership to this ministry. We saw many lives changed, families restored and hearts healed as we shared the message of redemption and hope.

There is still much work to be done and we are excited to move forward. We will continue to give out free books to those in prison who have asked for our help. We will be launching our monthly video series that will answer many of the questions that you have submitted to our ministry. My two new books, one for families and one for children, will be published early next year. We are believing for an amazing 2016! I hope you are too! 

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Are you making a difference?

Often times we talk about the Church as if it was insignificant and weak; it is not. As I travel the country to speak at different churches, I have come to know the hearts of many pastors, leaders and believers who desire nothing more than to be the hands and feet of Jesus. There are many churches that are doing all they can to assist those who struggle with homosexuality, sexual addictions, drugs, homelessness, etc. Most of the time we do not hear about these things and we know very little about what is happening behind the scenes. However, God is moving and the lost are coming to Jesus.

In my case, it was the people in the church who invested their time in me that caused my faith to be restored in Jesus. For many of us, the church is the place where our lives were changed and continues to be changed, where we find freedom in Jesus our Lord and Savior. It is a safe haven, a place of refuge, a point of surrender, and for some it is the place where they finally experience family.

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Today, the Supreme Court made the decision to legalize gay marriage throughout our nation. While it deeply grieves me to see how far we have strayed, it doesn't surprise me. We are living in times where our faith will be tested. These are times in which we will be ridiculed for our beliefs and perhaps even incarcerated for holding the word of God as our voice of truth.

As someone who has walked away from homosexuality and now has a ministry that helps men and women who desire to come out of this lifestyle, I have the responsibility to stay grounded in what I know is true. But it doesn't stop there; you, also have the responsibility to remain steadfast without caving in to the pressures of this world.

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Called Out Conference *FREE REGISTRATION*

We are excited to announce that our Called-Out Conference 2015 will be a Free Event! Although we have never gone this route before, we believe that God will supply all the funds we need to make this conference a success.


Our deepest desire, above all, is to see people "Called out of darkness and into His marvelous light" and for them to have an encounter with Jesus. We know that all it takes is one word from God and our lives can change forever.

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What God Is Doing

I want to take this month to share about what God is doing through Janet Boynes Ministries. Truth is, we are living in a time where standing on "God's side" regarding this issue, is not a very popular thing to do. It can be a bit discouraging, but through it all, God has remained faithful and has always come through for this ministry. Your love and support is felt and appreciated.

My team and I are excited to announce that our 2015 conference will take place August 14 &15 in Fort Mill, SC. Our hearts are in expectancy of what will take place and we are believing that this event will be a tool that brings restoration, hope and freedom to those who attend. This conference is for the one who struggles with same-sex attraction, for the parent who feels defeated and for the Christian who wants insight and desires to understand how to better help someone who wants out of the homosexual lifestyle.

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