This is THE TALK OF THE NATION Sexual Abuse - You Are Not Alone

Once again, we are watching Hollywood expose their dirty little secret that has been buried for years. Harvey Weinstein's victims have come forward and exposed the mogul. This exposure was long overdue. However, I don't want to focus on this disgusting sex abuser. I want to turn my heart and focus on those of us who have been sexually abused and continue to suffer in silence out of fear or shame. Those who have been sexually abused, both male and female, whether it was as a child or adult, may carry this ugly and painful secret of their abuse for decades without a word to anyone.

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Why we do what we do.....

"LGBT community celebrates 8-year-old drag queen. Critics call it child abuse"

"The homosexuality-infused world of female impersonators is celebrating an eight-year-old Montreal boy who performs as a "drag queen" under the stage name "Lactatia." But pro-family critics say his parents and all adults who encourage the boy to participate in the lewd shows are guilty of "child abuse."

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May 2017

Hello Friends:

We are so excited to share a few things that are happening here at JBM.

Below is a link to BVOV magazine which shared Janet's story! If you know someone who needs to hear that God is still in the business of changing lives, please share it with them!

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"Now there's hope in me again!"

My name is Madeline, "I'm from the Dominican Republic. I came to the US on vacation, at least that is what I kept telling my family. To me it was more like an scape from everything. I felt alone, sad and like nobody could ever understand me.

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December 2016

Dear Friends:

I am so excited to share my new book, God & Sexuality, with you!

Addressing this issue has never been more crucial. 

Is the Word of God still relevant today? 

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Conference Call Groups

Together, we are bringing hope to hurting people all across this nation. To those who feel discarded, abandoned, alone and lost. To those who struggle with same-sex attraction and those who have been given an ultimatum to accept their loved ones choices. We are here for you and you are not alone.

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