If you are a Pastor or ministry leader, this book is for you!

If you have a loved one living a homosexual lifestyle, this book is for you!

If you have a desire to understand and walk alongside those who struggle with same sex attraction, this book is for you!

The need for this issue to be addressed has never been more crucial than it is today. Is the word of God still relevant for our times?

Can we as believers still be moved with compassion without compromising God’s word?

As I give spiritual guidance to parents and pastors around the country, I realized that many of them are flooded with questions about what to do and what to say to someone who struggles with same-sex attraction. Many have asked “how do we respond to our son/daughter who wants to undergo reassignment surgery? or Do I attend their civil union?

This book will give you deep insight, biblical truth, and move you to compassion when reaching out to the LGBTQ community.

FORWARD by Dr. Michael L. Brown

This is an important book written by a remarkable woman, and if you’re looking for a volume that deals with the toughest questions surrounding homosexuality – the questions that parents and siblings and pastors and counselors ask, the practical, personal questions – then this is the book for you.


Janet Boynes is living proof of God’s unrelenting and transformational love. In a day of confusion,

Janet’s story of redemption is both captivating and inspiring. This book is filled with courage and compassion and

I believe homosexuality has become the tip of the spear in Satan’s assault today. If we don’t blunt this point of attack,

I have come to know and trust Janet Boynes’ courageous heart and message that is laid out in this book.

Janet Boynes is light in the midst of darkness. Her personal narrative reconciles truth with love while her

This book is a godsend for Christian families whose children have chosen a LGBT lifestyle.

The very thought of facing homosexuality, whether in the home or in the pulpit,

I want to commend Janet for being a fore runner for truth. Janet’s personal testimony solidifies that an intimate